44 Blue Productions has partnered with Scott Galloway, the New York Times best-selling author, entrepreneur and NYU Stern School of Business professor of marketing. The partnership will develop unscripted series and documentaries inspired by Galloway’s books ‘Algebra of Happiness’ and ‘The Four,’ and his unique take on tech and relationships in the digital economy.

Galloway and his business partner Greg Shove will collaborate with 44 Blue to develop a topical, weekly studio-based series hosted by Galloway, in which he reflects on business, tech and life with a series of guests and comedic elements.

The collaboration will also develop documentary series around both Galloway’s New York Times bestseller ‘The Four: The Hidden DNA of Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google,’ which has been called “a provocative and strategic look at the way a few companies are remaking the world”; and ‘Algebra of Happiness,’ Galloway’s unconventional book of wisdom and life advice inspired by his most popular lectures at NYU’s Stern School of Business.

“Now more than ever, there’s a need to hold businesses and their leaders – including big tech – more accountable,” said Stephanie Noonan Drachkovitch, Co-Founder and President of 44 Blue Productions. “From Scott’s headline-making commentary on the WeWork IPO to his bold and often surprising opinions on everything from Softbank to parenting, when he speaks we all listen… and usually end up rethinking what we thought we knew. It’s an honor to collaborate with Scott, and his long-time business partner and collaborator Greg Shove, to bring his voice to television.”

Scott Galloway said: “We’re excited to partner with 44 Blue to create something great, or something awful that we can blame each other for!”

Greg Shove said: “Since Prof G has been banned from CNBC, he needs to have his own show – to complement his Prof G podcast and his new online business school.”

Galloway has an expanding social media presence, with millions of viewers to his YouTube channel and videos, where he regularly tackles big questions like “What’s the formula for a life well-lived?” and “Is work/life balance possible?” with hard-hitting answers such as “If you’re young, get to a city” and “Boring is sexy when it comes to your career.” His successful podcast Pivot, co-hosted with Recode’s Kara Swisher, gets over a million downloads every month.

Both Galloway and Shove will serve as executive producers with 44 Blue.

44 Blue is a Peabody, Emmy, Gracie and GLAAD Award winning producer of unscripted, scripted and documentary series, with productions including Netflix’s top-ranking documentary series Jailbirds, Animal Planet’s #1 series Pit Bulls and Parolees, and Investigation Discovery’s #1-rated Twisted Sisters and its spinoff Twisted Love.