44 Blue Productions has picked up the rights to entertainment format Forever or Never from MEDIAPRO and Phileas Productions.

Forever or Never is an innovative dating show that takes participants to the future to decide their present. Candidates have the opportunity to see into the future and meet their potential life partners not just as they are now… but as they could be 3 times their age, then twice their age, and then, if they have liked what they have seen, what they look like in the present. But this is more than just a transformation show, it’s a generation gap show, as the parents and grandparents of our candidates will be helping to select the right partner for them.

“We’re excited to be bringing the fun and very relatable format FOREVER OR NEVER to the US market,” said Dan Snook, SVP of Development at 44 Blue Productions.  “In today’s swipe till you like dating culture, taking a second to slow down and have older generations involved brings a lot of laughs to something everyone can relate to.”

Forever or Never is produced and developed by MEDIAPRO and Phileas Productions, and co-distributed by Phileas Productions and Imagina International Sales.