Last Chance Transplant, a new docuseries from executive producer Robin Roberts and 44 Blue Productions, is slated to premiere on Discovery+ next month.

The series follows six patients, two in each close ended episode, who are waiting for a lifesaving donor, giving viewers an inside look at the race against the clock to transplant and save human life. Last Chance Transplant will debut on September 22.

At Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) in Nashville, Tennessee, extremely sick patients come from all walks of life to seek life-saving organ transplants. The patients featured in Last Chance Transplant have put their hopes of survival into the hands of the medical staff and surgeons at VUMC’s Transplant Center, with life-saving decisions often coming down to the hour and minute.

Howard Lee, president of TLC streaming and network originals, said: “Last Chance Transplant opens the door to six deeply personal and emotional stories about organ donation. When we first heard about this project, we immediately knew we needed to share these journeys faced by so many people, families and communities and help spread an inspiring message of hope.”

Roberts said: “My journey with MDS and my bone marrow transplant was one of the toughest fights of my life. Thanks to my sister and bone marrow donor Sally-Ann, as well as my doctors, nurses, family and friends, I was able to focus on the fight and not the fright. I am honoured to share the stories of six courageous individuals as they await a lifesaving transplant and the team of people who lift them up along the way. Their determination is truly inspiring.”