Series premieres Thursday, August 16 At 10pm ET/PM. Ten episode series from Executive Producer Dick Wolf follows EMTs in four US cities as they brave the harrowing overnight shift.

A&E Network’s hit series goes deeper with Nightwatch Nation, a new nonfiction series from executive producer Dick Wolf and 44 Blue Productions. The series now follows EMTs in Yonkers, New York, Austin, Texas, Tucson, Arizona and Baton Rouge, Louisiana as these real-life heroes risk their lives to work the busiest and most unnerving shift of the day, the overnight. Nightwatch Nation premieres Thursday, August 16 at 10pm ET/PT.

Over ten exhilarating episodes, the EMTs tackle emergencies on every level, bringing viewers along for the ride while also experiencing the high intensity environment of the call centers. Cameras capture EMTs in action as they treat an active stroke victim in Yonkers and a heroin overdose in which they use Narcan to try and save the patient’s life in Baton Rouge. The urgency is palpable as paramedics face an Internal Defibrillator that unexpectedly malfunctions in Tucson and a six-car pile-up that requires multiple ambulances in Austin. Racing from city to city, the series follow multiple teams of brave men and women who stop at nothing to keep America safe while we sleep.

Nightwatch Nation is produced by Wolf Reality and 44 Blue Productions, a Red Arrow Studios company, for A&E Network. Executive Producers for Wolf Reality are Dick Wolf and Tom Thayer. Executive Producers for 44 Blue are Rasha Drachkovitch and Robyn Younie. Executive producers for A&E Network are Devon Hammonds and Molly Ebinger. Nightwatch Nation is distributed internationally by A+E Networks.