Amazon Prime Video in Germany has announced the premiere date for new Redseven Entertainment comedy series Binge Reloaded.

Binge Reloaded is Redseven’s first production for the streamer in Germany. The eight, half-hour episodes will launch simultaneously on Amazon Prime Video in Germany and Austria on December 4.

Each episode of Binge Reloaded is one fictional night of TV programming told through short, hilarious sketches – including parodies of popular streaming or TV moments, performed by a talented cast playing a host of German media personalities.

The cast of Binge Reloaded includes parody veterans Michael Kessler and Martin Klempnow, known for their appearance in Switch Reloaded, and newcomers Tahnee Schaffarczyk, Antonia von Romatowski, Joyce Ilg, Jan van Weyde, Paul Sedlmeir and Christian Schiffer. The show is written by Marc Löb and directed by Erik Polls, Sven Nagel and Joscha Seehausen with Georg Kappenstein as producer and Sebastian Benthues serving as executive producer.