A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN has won gold! The BAFTA gold to be precise. The entertainment show bagged the BAFTA for “Best Comedy Entertainment Programme” in the awards ceremony on Sunday. Congrats to our friends at CPL Productions!

The show has been hitting the back of the net on Sky 1 since 2010. With season 8 airing later this summer and 3 further seasons commissioned, A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN is Sky 1’s highest rated entertainment show ever.

Sport is all about rankings. Not just league tables. Who has scored the most goals? Who has taken the most wickets? And most importantly, which sports star has had the most plastic surgery?! The hugely popular A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN features 2 teams of comedians and sport-loving star guests going head–to–head ranking hilarious sporting lists over a number of rounds, building up to a tense final physical challenge.

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