Red Arrow Studios International format Beat the Channel (local title: Joko & Klaas gegen ProSieben) closed out its fourth season on ProSieben last month, continuing its run of strong ratings.

The second part of season four outperformed ProSieben’s channel average in all key demographics, generating an impressive +138% increase for all adults 14-39 years old (26.2% over 11.0%) as well as an +161% increase for all females 14-29 years old (28.1% over 10.8%) and +134% increase for all male 14-29 years old (28.3% over 12.0%).

The success of the second half of season four continues the success of season four, part one which aired earlier in 2021, generating huge ratings and widespread positive publicity for ProSieben in Germany during its five episode run.

Beat the Channel is produced by Florida Entertainment and distributed by Red Arrow Studios International.