Munich, December 12, 2008. Today, the Danish version of the international smash hit game show “Beat your Host!” launches prime time under the title “Hvem kan slå Joachim og Marianne?” on TV2, Denmark’s biggest privately owned TV station. The winning couple of TV2’s smash hit “Strictly Come Dancing” – olympic bronze medalist Joachim B. Olsen and dancer Marianne Eihilt – is starring as competing hosts. On the premiere the two are fighting for 200,000 Danish krones in a test of skills, sports, knowledge, and daring against a brave contestant pair. In the following episodes sweethearts, married couples as well as fathers and daughters will battle for 100,000 krones. The famous TV-personality Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph (“Strictly Come Dancing”) hosts the event show.

“Less than two weeks ago, the show dominated the prime time ratings in the commercial target group in France,” says Jens Richter, Managing Director of SevenOne International. “The Swedish version, ‘Vem kan slå Filip och Fredrik,’ which aired on Kanal 5, was the most successful production in that TV station’s history. We’re positive that the premiere on TV2 will be just as strong.”

“Beat your Host!” (producer: Raab TV/BRAINPOOL) has been sold by SevenOne International for broadcast in 13 countries so far, including China, the Netherlands, and Denmark. Early in the year, the British version (“Beat the Star”) aired on UK’s leading commercial channel ITV1, in one of the world’s most important TV markets. ITV1 will run a second season of the show next year. In France, where it aired on TF1 as “Qui peut battre Benjamin Castaldi?” the show captured an audience share of more than 40% (viewers 15-49). With audience figures constantly growing throughout the show, “Qui peut battre Benjamin Castaldi?” was the clear prime time winner in the advertising-relevant demographic. In Sweden (“Vem kan slå Filip och Fredrik”), the show drew market shares of up to 39.5% (viewers 15-44). In Germany, “Beat your Host!” had the most successful TV debut in more than four years, and its 13 editions have been earning ProSieben average audience shares of 25.5 percent ever since (viewers 14-49).

Beat your Host!

Something new under the sun the audience vs. the host. On Beat your Host!, a contestant duels the star for breathtaking amounts of money. The minimum prize on the German version of the show is EUR 500,000. If the celebrity wins, the prize money goes into the jackpot. A contestant who wins takes the cash home. Victory in the competition depends on a number of factors in several areas skills, sports, knowledge, daring, and not least of all, sheer luck.