Munich, October 5 , 2009. On October 10, the international smash hit game show “Beat your Host” will premier live on TV2, the ProSiebenSat.1 Group’s channel in Hungary. In the Saturday night prime time show under the title “Sztárral szemben”the contestants will face various celebrities such as the motorcycle racing world champion, Gabor Talmacsi as well the Olympic champion wrestler, Sandor Bardosi. The show will be hosted by Attila Till, one of the most popular faces in Hungarian television. The challenges, studio look and on-air design for the Hungarian version will also be based entirely on the German concept created by RaabTV/BRAINPOOL.

Jens Richter, Managing Director SevenOne International commented: “‘Beat your Host!’ is one of the most successful event entertainment brands in the international TV scene. We’ve launched the prime-time show with record-breaking ratings in the United Kingdom, France, Sweden, Denmark and Norway. We are sure that our Hungarian colleagues at TV2 will have just as much success.”

Peter Kiss, the newly elected program director of TV2, added: “We are really pleased that this format is going to be present in the Hungarian media, as well. It’s our firm belief that the show is going to be very popular among our viewers.”

SevenOne International has sold “Beat your Host!” (produced by Raab TV/BRAINPOOL) for broadcast in 14 countries so far, including Spain, the Netherlands, and China. In France, where it aired on TF1 as “Qui peut battre Benjamin Castaldi?”, the show captured an audience share of more than 40 percent (viewers 15-49). In Sweden, the show “Vem kan slå Filip och Fredrik” drew market shares of up to 39.5 percent (viewers 15-44), making it the most successful production in Kanal 5’s history. The launch of “Hvem kan slå Joachim & Marianne?” on Denmark’s TV2 scored a 57.1 percent share (viewers 21-50). TheNorwegian version of the show captured the prime time audience and Page 2 of 3 premiered with a market share of 33percent (12-44), the second episode even outperformed the launch, reaching a market share of 36.8percent (12-44). In Germany, its country of origin, “Beat your Host!” had the most successful TV debut for ProSieben in more than four years. Since its debut, the show’s 15 editions have been earning average audience shares of 25.2 percent (viewers 14-49).

Beat Your Host!

Something new under the sun the audience vs. the host. On “Beat your Host!”, a contestant duels the star for breathtaking amounts of money. The minimum prize on the German version of the show is EUR 500,000. If the celebrity wins, the prize money goes into the jackpot. A contestant who wins takes the cash home. Victory in the competition depends on a number of factors in several areas – skills, sports, knowledge, daring, and not least of all, sheer luck.