Munich, December 1, 2010. SevenOne International’s smash hit ‘Benidorm Bastards’ will debut on tvN, Korea’s leading cable and satellite channel, on December 4th at 11 p.m. ‘JeulGeoUn In Seng’, which translates into ‘Happy Life’ or ‘Enjoy your life’, will air weekly every Saturday.

Yan He, Regional Sales Director SevenOne International: ‘’Benidorm Bastards’ are taking the world by storm! It’s a hilarious show with universal humour and I am sure South Koreans will love the show!’

Jin Park, Director of International Acquisitions CJ Media Inc: ‘I believe ‘Benidorm Bastard’ will be successful in Korea as it is quite different from other hidden camera shows in terms of settings and unusualness.’ 

Benidorm Bastards 

The Rose d’Or winning ‘Benidorm Bastards’ (produced by SHELTER) is an outrageous hidden camera show that follows 7 senior citizens whose mission is to roam the streets and blow the minds of as many young people as they can. In Belgium, its country of origin, the show has exceeded the channel’s average by up to 284 percent with market shares of up to 27.9 percent (viewers 18-44). In the Netherlands, the first international adaptation of ‘Benidorm Bastards’ outperforms RTL 4’s channel average by up to 250 percent with a market share of up to 36.8 percent (20-49) on Saturdays at 8:05 p.m. prime-time. The show has already been sold to more than 20 countries, including France, Spain, Germany, Greece, Israel, throughout the Middle East and Scandinavia.