Munich, June 14, 2010. SevenOne International has sold the production rights to Belgian TV smash hit “BENIDORM BASTARDS” to more than 20 countries. The show which stars seven grey-haired retirees who make fun of young people will soon be airing in countries such as Germany, France, Spain, Greece, Israel, throughout the Middle East as well as in Australia and New Zealand. In Greece, the show will be broadcast on Antenna and Channel 9 will air “BENIDORM BASTARDS” in Australia.

“BENIDORM BASTARDS” premiered on Belgium’s 2BE in March 2010. With market shares of up to 27.9 percent (viewers 18-44), the show has outperformed the channel’s average by up to 284 percent.

Jens Richter, Managing Director SevenOne International: “This show is a blast! When we presented it for the first time at this year’s MIPTV in Cannes, “BENIDORM BASTARDS” turned into the hottest show on the market in no time and had everyone choke with laughter. Ever since then, the show has been in high international demand and we look forward to having those wicked old folks delight viewers of all ages around the world.”


“BENIDORM BASTARDS” (produced by SHELTER) stars seven elderly men and women who leave younger generations dumbstruck with their unexpected and plainly outspoken behaviour. Giving rap and hiphop their best shot during a performance in a subway station, they have the next generation baffled. Leaving the youth shocked by their stories of wild parties, great sex or their new maxi-size underwear they have just bought, the “BENIDORM BASTARDS” stumble from one hilarious scene to the next. Captured on hidden camera, it is the older generations playing tricks on the youngsters, for a change.