Channel 5 has announced today that it has commissioned a reboot of hit series You Are What You Eat from CPL Productions with Trisha Goddard set to host.

Each episode of the  6 x 60′ series will follow Trisha, Dr Amir Khan (GPs: Behind Closed Doors) and a team of experts as they motivate two unhealthy eaters to change their lifestyles and become the healthiest versions of themselves!

Each week, the participants will be shocked as their weekly food consumption is presented on the ‘bad food table’ and it is revealed just how unhealthy they have become. They will then undergo a series of relevant medical and nutritional tests, including the return of the infamous poo test to examine their gut health, and discover how to lose weight the healthiest way – through meal plans, exercise regimes and top tips from our range of experts.

In the new revamped series, the experts will not simply be looking at weight loss, but all factors, including sleep and anxiety, to determine a healthy lifestyle. They will get to the bottom of the mental and emotional issues that are at the root of why so many of us are overeating and eat unhealthily.

Trisha Goddard, commented “Our bodies are like cars: fill it with the wrong fuel, leave it parked in one spot for way too long and bit by bit, it’s going to start falling apart.

“There is nothing more uplifting than finding how to create the best version of yourself. So working with people who want to improve the way they feed themselves; body and soul is really exciting.”

Emma Westcott, VP, Commissioning Editor, VIACOMCBS said “Our viewers love health and medical shows, and Trisha and Dr Amir Khan are the perfect combination to re-invent this series for 2021. They will be on hand every step of the way to help motivate and inspire people to change their lifestyles for the better.

Murray Boland, CPL’s Creative Director said: “The great thing about bringing back this classic format is that Channel 5 really want to do something new with it that feels warm and life affirming.  That is exactly the kind of programme that we love to make.  As the nation gets back up and running, we’re making a show that will reflect the new challenges that we all face in keeping happy and healthy – it’s a really exciting opportunity.”