Club illico in Canada has commissioned new series Rue King (10×30’), an adaptation of the hit Red Arrow Studios International format Schiller Street.

This hilarious scripted format, where improv meets sitcom and all dialogue is completely improvised, is currently in production in Canada and slated for a 2020 premiere. The show is recorded in front of a live studio audience, with on-screen game master Stephane Bellavance directing the story and giving challenges to the cast through headsets, which the audience can also see on a screen.

The series follows a trio of roommates as they move in together in a Sherbrooke loft apartment, located above a café-bar-buanderie. Pier-Luc, a student in her early twenties moving out for the first time, Marie-Eve, a pansexual student, and Sophie, taking a break from adult life, all have to learn to live together. Supporting characters including Stéphane, the owner of the café-bar-buanderie, as well as Medhi and Sylvie, Pier-Luc’s friend and mother.

The Rue King cast includes Sophie Cadieux, a key figure in Montreal’s theater scene; Pier-Luc Funk, who became, at 18, the youngest player in the LNI; Stéphane Crête, multidisciplinary performer; Sylvie Moreau, a regular star player at the LNI Marie-Ève Morency; and the recipient of the Pierre-Curzi Trophy for the 2016 LNI Rookie of the Year, and Medhi Bousaidan.

Rue King is produced by Entourage in collaboration with Quebecor Content, and directed by Raphaël Malo, supported by Vincent Bolduc.

The original German production for SAT.1, developed by Maike Tatzig, was a huge success over its 100 episodes, outperforming the channel average on SAT.1 by up to 95%, and Red Arrow Studios International has sold the format to over 20 countries across Europe, Africa and Asia.