New Studio71 US drama series Dante’s Inferno, inspired by one of the best known works of the Western civilization, is in development at Freeform.

Sleeper Cell creators and executive producers Ethan Reiff and Cyrus Voris will write the script alongside The Handmaid’s Tale writer-producers Nina Fiore and John Herrera. The four will executive produce alongside Danielle Claman Gelber (One Chicago), and Studio 71’s Michael Schreiber and Dave Devries.

Described as a contemporary reimagining of Dante Alighieri’s narrative poem masterpiece The Divine Comedy, set against the demonic underworld of present-day Los Angeles, Dante’s Inferno follows 20-something Grace Dante. Between parenting her drug addict mother and her troubled brother, Grace feels like her life sucks and that she’s had to give up all her dreams. Then one day everything changes and her dreams start magically coming true, school, career, love… but the godfather of all this good fortune is the Devil himself. And to outwit him, she’ll have to journey through Dante’s Inferno.

Recent Studio71 US scripted series include The Real Bros of Simi Valley, which has been commissioned for a third season for Facebook Watch, and Mr. Mom for Vudu. The company also is also producing House of the Rising Sun, a musical drama series in development at ABC.