Production company Veralia has picked up remake rights to quiz show “Decimate” for Spain. Originally created by Hugh Rycroft and co-developed and produced by Red Arrow Entertainment’s CPL Productions, “Decimate” was recently commissioned by the BBC, where actor, singer and comedian Shane Richie will host.

“Decimate” sees a team of three contestants fight to maintain a wall of cash over four rounds. With every wrong answer their total is ‘decimated’ – reduced by 10 percent. When will the wall come crashing down?

Carlo Boserman, CEO of Veralia, says: “‘Decimate’ is the perfect show for a daily slot in Spain, it is a tense and dynamic format that the whole family can enjoy.”

Axel Böhm, Senior Vice President Sales Europe at Red Arrow International, says: “‘Decimate’ is an exciting new quiz show format that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats – we’re delighted with this partnership. I’m convinced that Veralia will make an excellent adaptation for Spain!”

About “Decimate”

A team of three players must answer questions in order to preserve as much cash as possible. Each time a player answers a question incorrectly, the prize money is “decimated”. The cash left in the wall, after all three team members have played, will be what they go on to play for in the final round.

About Veralia

Veralia is a Spanish production company especially focused on Entertainment and factual formats, operating also in Italy under the name of Europroduzione. Veralia is the producer behind well-known formats such as “21 days” or adaptations such as “The Hit”, “The Cube” or “Guinness World Records” in different territories.