ProSieben is getting ready for a new alpine experience: The alpine pasture – Promischweiß and Edelweiß will return in 2021.

ProSieben is inviting a host of celebrities to the pasture this year. Between sheep, cows and the whispering of the willow trees, the celebrities will trade their glamorous lives for everyday life on the mountain – with all the manure that goes with it.

ProSieben head Daniel Rosemann commented: “This year in making a new series of Die Alm, ProSieben is giving reality TV fans a wonderful gift. The classic series is returning with many surprises. I can’t wait to see which celebrities will embark on this unique adventure.”

If you can’t wait for the series, best of clips from past series of Die Alm can be found at

Die Alm is produced by Redseven Entertainment on behalf of ProSieben, the show will air in 2021 on ProSieben and on Joyn.