Twisted Sisters, The Zoo: San Diego, The Aquarium, Uncharted, Say Yes to the Nest, Say Yes to the Dress America commissioned by Discovery from Red Arrow’s 44 Blue Productions, Left/Right, Half Yard Productions and Karga Seven Pictures.

Discovery in the US has announced six shows from Red Arrow Studios companies, as part of their 2019 New York Upfront presentation.

Left/Right, Karga Seven Pictures, 44 Blue Productions and Half Yard Productions have all been commissioned by Discovery to produce six new shows for Animal Planet, Science Channel, TLC, HGTV and ID.

44 Blue Productions is to produce new six-part true-crime series Twisted Love for Investigation Discovery, executive produced by Khloé Kardashian, following the success and recommission of Twisted Sisters. The show explores what happens when love and affection spiral into a twisted web of extreme obsession and jealousy.

Left/Right is to follow their successful The Zoo series for Animal Planet, with new show The Zoo: San Diego, going behind-the-scenes at the world-famous San Diego Zoo.

Also for Animal Planet, Left/Right will produce The Aquarium, which premieres May 2019 and sees Georgia Aquarium opens its doors to allow unprecedented access to the inner-workings of the Western Hemisphere’s largest aquarium.

Karga Seven Pictures has seen their new series Uncharted picked up by Discovery and Science Channel for a Q4 premiere. The series features urban explorer Justin Fornal using detailed historical maps along with the latest in high tech imaging to investigate mysteries that have remained elusive to others.

Half Yard Productions are producing two “Say Yes” spin-offs for Discovery networks. Say Yes to the Nest, which premieres on HGTV on May 13, sees newlywed couples helped to find their first home together.

And Say Yes to The Dress America for TLC, which premieres in January 2020, is a groundbreaking event series that will feature one bride from every state across the U.S. Host and bridal expert Randy Fenoli will officiate this 10 episode series, followed by a two-hour wedding spectacular.

A number of other Red Arrow Studios companies also produce multiple shows for Discovery’s channels in the US and around the world including Dorsey PicturesRedSeven Entertainment and Studio71.