Disney has partnered with Studio71 in the UK for the launch of their new streaming platform, Disney+.

Launching today, March 24, Disney+ has partnered with a host of Studio71 and Moxie talent for the launch campaign, created to spark conversations about #myfirststream.

25 creators participated in the campaign including including Studio71 and Moxie talent: Luke Cutforth, Evan Edinger, Emily Canham, Casey Barker, Nicole Corrales, Oliver (Orion Sounds), Kaci Jay Conder (Dad V Girls), Sarah Conder, Grace Conder, Munya Chawawa, Family 4, Adam B, Badman Lisa, Alex Galbally, Charlotte Galbally, The Radford Family, Fashion Mumblr, Tiger Lily Quinn, Carrie Fletcher, Em Sheldon, Lucy Wood, Em Ford, The Little Magpie, Mark Ferris and Camilla Thurlow.

Studio71 create influencer marketing and branded content campaigns for some of the biggest brands in the UK, including Barclays, M&S, BBC, Dior, Google, H&M, McDonalds, Samsung and more.