Dorsey Pictures has teamed up with Immersion Neuroscience to test TV shows and development ideas through audience impact analysis that uses neurosensor technology.

Immersion recently led a study on cable TV immersion by measuring 25 different shows using its neurosensor technology, and checking the results against existing Nielsen ratings, to demonstrate how their technology could be used to predict future TV ratings and audience engagement.

Dorsey Pictures is working with Immersion Neuroscience technology to deliver pre-tested TV projects to the networks.

Dorsey Pictures CEO, Chris Dorsey, recently told Realscreen that: “Network executives often lament the guesswork involved in series orders, so we wanted to help find a solution that embraces the best available technology that is a quantum leap past most conventional content measurement and allows networks to make more informed buy decisions. We think it will offer network buyers an insurance policy of sorts when choosing which projects to green light.”

The technology works on the basis that a person’s neurological response to a TV show is a better predictor of its success than whether the audience – such as a focus group – think they like it or not. Immersion’s CEO and cofounder, Paul Zak, explained to FastCompany: “Immersion is this unconscious emotional response that your brain just doesn’t have the ability to accurately understand”, and that this technology has the potential to “change the way you test, edit, market movies and TV”.