Gravitas Ventures has acquired North American rights to distribute new romantic drama Sometime Other Than Now

The movie is set to premiere in theaters and on demand on March 5, 2021.

Written and directed by Dylan McCormick (Four Lane Highway), Sometime Other Than Now features Grey’s Anatomy star Kate Walsh, Gotham’s Donal Logue, and Trieste Kelly Dunn, Amy Hargreaves, David Aaron Baker, Alexa Swinton, Sarah Jes Austell, and PJ Marshall.

Sam (Donal Logue), who after his motorcycle is damaged in an apparent crash into the ocean, becomes stranded in a small New England town, finds refuge at a rundown motel looked after by Kate (Kate Walsh), a similarly burnt out, lost soul. The mystery around Sam’s presence in town is revealed when it’s discovered that his estranged daughter Audrey lives there – the daughter he hasn’t seen in 25 years, since she was a little girl. As he struggles to find the courage to reconnect to this woman who grew up without a father, Sam fears he was never cut out to be emotionally connected to anyone – until he lets something else in, new and unexpected, and discovers his capacity for love.

Writer and director Dylan McCormick said: “This movie started as a dream I couldn’t get out of my head. The themes of redemption and forgiveness, the question of what happens when good people make bad choices are the essence of the story. It’s been truly astonishing to me, and deeply gratifying, to see Donal and Kate and the rest of the cast bring these characters so vividly to life.”

“In Sometime Other Than Now, director Dylan McCormick is able to create characters that feel like real people, making this a movie that audiences will really be able to fall in love with,” Said Gravitas Ventures Manager of Acquisitions  Brett Rogalsky.

Sometime Other Than Now was Produced by  Stan Erdreich of River Bend Pictures, Michael Goodin on behalf of Monolith Pictures and Jackie Filer.

Gravitas Ventures Manager of Acquisitions  Brett Rogalsky negotiated the deal with Janne Barklis and Jay Cohen of Gersh and Emerson Bruns of Bruns Brennan Berry on behalf of the filmmakers.