Gravitas Ventures has acquired the US rights to acclaimed SXSW documentary Tread.

The feature film gives viewers an in-depth look at how Marvin Heemeyer, a master welder, became a violent domestic terrorist within his Colorado small-town community in 2004.

The movie world premiered at SXSW 2019, where it was nominated for a SXSW Grand Jury Award for best documentary feature. Gravitas plan a first-quarter release for the movie.

Tread is directed by Paul Solet and produced by Sutter Road Picture Company and Zipper Bros. Films, in association with Roxbourne Media LTD and Hypnotic.

In 2004, after a year and a half of secretly building an armored bulldozer made of concrete and steel, Marvin Heemeyer drove the machine through the small Colorado town that he lived in for almost three hours, causing over $8 million dollars in damage, destroying 13 buildings, and ultimately taking his own life.

Nolan Gallagher from Gravitas Ventures negotiated the deal with CAA Media Finance and Great Point Media.