Documentary to hit selected theaters in the US and Canada on August 2.

Gravitas Ventures has acquired new Budweiser and ACE Content documentary Kings of Beer, which delves into the Super Bowl of beer brewing: the Budweiser Cup.

Kings of Beer, directed by Sean Mullin (Amira & Sam), centers around a diverse group of elite Budweiser brewmasters from 65 breweries and 23 countries as they battle it out in an intense competition to brew the best American lager, which is regarded as the most difficult beer to brew.

Judged by an illustrious group of experts who are sequestered in the historic walls of renowned brewing room Budweiser’s ‘Room 220’ — the brewmaster who can brew the best, most consistent American lager over a 12-month period will bring home the coveted Global Brewmaster Cup.

Kings of Beer is a story about regular people from all over the world who dreamed of becoming brewmasters and who share an uncompromising ambition to be the best at their craft,” producer and ACE Content CEO Justin V. Barocas told The Wrap. “We found their stories to be incredibly inspiring and we think that anyone who wants to be the best at what they do, will love these characters too.”

Gravitas Ventures is releasing the film in select theaters in the US and Canada on August 2. It will then be available on demand – including iTunes – in more than 50 countries.