Motherhood can be murder in this deliciously devious drama.

Sarah’s seemingly perfect life as a local GP, loving wife and doting mother comes crashing down the moment she discovers her husband Anton is having an affair with her best friend Charlotte.

Suddenly, Charlotte turns up dead, and Anton is arrested for her murder. As Sarah’s life spirals out of control, she finds unlikely support from a ragtag group of mums called ‘The Bad Mothers Club’. Sarah finds herself drawn into the chaotic worlds of her new friends; Danielle, the outgoing mum who needs more in her life; Bindy, the wild child party mum; and Maddie, the fierce mum battling with a difficult child and an acrimonious custody battle.

There’s just one thing stopping Sarah from leaving the mess of her old life behind her; Anton swears he’s innocent. Now Sarah will have to add ‘detective’ to her already lengthy list of jobs if she is to clear her husband’s name.


  • A sexy, glossy, funny drama about modern women juggling life’s big issues: love, family, careers, infidelity… and murder
  • Nine Network’s biggest drama launch of the year
  • Ranked No.1 in the slot and increased Nine’s share by over 50%
  • Licensed to territories including the UK, France, Middle East and Africa

“A twisty murder mystery and superb cast…this is immediately addictive viewing” – The Sydney Morning Herald

Scripted Series // Drama, 8 x 45′

Created by Rachel Lang, Gavin Strawhan
Written by Rachel Lang, Gavin Strawhan, Sarah Walker, Tim Lee
Directed by Geoff Bennett, Sian Davies, Catriona MacKenzie
Starring Tess Haubrich, Melissa George, Mandy McElhinney, Jessica Tovey, Shalom Brune-Franklin, Daniel MacPherson, Don Hany, Harry Greenwood, Steve Bastoni
Produced by Jungle Entertainment in association with Filthy Productions for Nine Network (Australia) and TVNZ (New Zealand)

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