The entertaining new physical gameshow that challenges contestants to stay on the wall – or have a great fall.

In this fun and hilarious format, two teams of four players – each with their backs literally against a wall – battle it out in a variety of physical games, combining trivia, strategy, and chance.

The teams’ identical walls comprise more than 100 giant blocks. During a number of nail-biting rounds, wrong answers and bad judgments see blocks push out in a variety of combinations and speeds, forcing contestants into crazy positions to try and avoid being knocked into the pit below.

The final sees both teams stand side-by-side on their ledges, but the leading team’s ledge is bigger. Incorrect answers make virtually the entire wall creep forward, pushing contestants to the edge – and eventually over it! As soon as one team has disappeared, the other is declared the winner and takes the big cash prize!

Formats // Entertainment

Created by Nippon TV, Red Arrow Studios and July August Productions for Channel 7 (Thailand)

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