The brilliantly secretive reality show where win or lose, it’s all relative!

In this fun and intriguing new primetime entertainment format, 12 ordinary people with famous relatives are challenged to keep their identities a secret while exposing the others one-by-one.

Living together in a house, with hints and red herrings hidden in surprising places, the contestants collect clues and source information about each other while protecting their own celebrity’s identity.

Every episode delivers an entertaining new challenge, with each winner rewarded with immunity from elimination – plus a valuable clue about one contestant. The bottom two are put to a vote, with one chosen for the Guess-Off. Here, they must pick a housemate and try to guess their famous relative. If correct, they remain in the game and the exposed contestant is eliminated. If they are wrong, they go home.

Weeks of amusing gameplay, subterfuge and household politics build to a tense final where all the eliminated contestants return, armed with knowledge which they can choose to share or use to mislead. As three contestants become two, the final challenge winner can choose to guess the famous relative of their competitor or ask them to guess their star’s identity.

Whoever has kept their ‘Claim to Fame’ under wraps at the end is the champion and claims a cash prize in this addictive game of cat and mouse.



  • Perfect primetime entertainment for a family audience from the creators of Love Is Blind
  • The premiere was the second most-watched show in its slot in the US
  • Also available on tape: US: 10 x 45′

Produced by Kinetic Content for ABC (US)

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