Will competing couples prove to be dream teams or disastrous duos In this ultimate relationship test? 

In this fun and revealing new primetime challenge format, couples’ relationships are put under the microscope via a series of very personal challenges that will test just how much they really know about each other! 

Each episode features three very different couples, all looking to convey harmony at home and demonstrate just how well they know their partners in a bid to win a major cash prize.   

The couples compete across eight rounds; starting and ending with all three challenged together. In three rounds only two couples go head-to-head, and in a further three, the partners in an individual couple face each other. 

Will the wives recognise their husbands in a line-up of giant dancing chickens? Do the husbands know how many selfies their wife has on her cell phone? Will a couple who have been together for five years know more than a couple together for thirty? In round eight, one couple is eliminated with only the cash they have banked in round one. The other two make it to the final and a chance to win big money. 



An entertaining and enlightening format that provides a revealing look at modern relationships 

Created by Deutsche ProduktionsUnion (DPU GmbH) for SAT.1 (Germany) 

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