The terrifying legacies of history’s most notorious cult leaders.

Charles Manson. David Koresh. Jim Jones. Cult leaders whose twisted ideologies and horrific crimes have made their names synonymous with evil.

The ability of these men to command devotion did not end with their imprisonment, or even necessarily with their deaths. Long after their convictions for kidnapping, abuse and murder, there are still those who choose to follow their warped teachings.

Over six episodes, each focusing on a different cult, the series looks at the lives and legacies of some of history s most notorious cult leaders and asks how they were able to charm, manipulate and abuse so many for so long – and why people are still drawn to them. A compelling look at unquestioning devotion.


  • Combines never-before-seen footage with recreations and interviews with cult insiders, psychologists and ‘de-programmers’
  • Includes an exclusive interview with Manson family members, Diane Lake and Catherine Share

Factual // Crime & Investigation, 6 x 48′

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