The stories behind six extraordinary standoffs that shook a nation 

Deadly Standoff takes you to the front lines of America’s most deadly and infamous sieges, delving into the stories behind some of the most devastating standoffs in recent US history; from the early tensions that sparked these confrontations, to their deadly conclusions. 

From the MOVE bombing in 1985 to the Rainbow Farm massacre in 2001, this gripping anthology series gives a first-hand account of everything that happened, and the people behind each clash. It might be fuelled by religious convictions, or extreme political beliefs. It could spiral out of a miscarriage of justice, or even a simple misunderstanding. When a standoff begins however, the causes no longer matter.  All that matters is how it ends…… and who’s left standing. 

Have we learned anything from these shocking battles between extremists and authorities, or is history always destined to repeat itself?

Factual / History

6 x 60′

Produced by North South Productions for Reelz (US)

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