A high-octane conspiracy thriller about the a crack team of investigators, tasked with unravelling the mysteries behind a series of shocking air, sea and land disasters.

Season one: The first season of Departure follows the investigation into the shocking disappearance of passenger plane Flight 716 over the Atlantic Ocean.

Brilliant investigator Kendra Malley is brought in by her mentor Howard Lawson to lead the Transport Safety and Investigations Bureau (TSIB) team looking into the crash. Still devastated by the recent death of her husband and struggling to parent her troubled stepson, Kendra isn’t sure she’s up to the task.

With the whole world watching, Kendra and her team must race to find the missing aircraft and rescue possible survivors. Each new discovery only deepens the mystery surrounding the disaster, revealing a host of suspects and motives: pilot suicide, terrorism, systems failure, politically motivated murder. Battling forces conspiring to undermine the investigation, Kendra must find the truth of what really happened to Flight 716… and stop it from happening again.

‘Departure’ features an all-star cast, including Emmy Award winner Archie Panjabi (‘The Good Wife’), Academy Award winner Christopher Plummer (‘Knives Out’) and Kris Holden-Ried (‘Vikings’).

Season two: In season two, Kendra Malley is recruited to the US by the Federal Transportation Safety Authority (FTSA) to investigate the crash of an experimental high-speed train, The Apollo, in rural Michigan.

With the eyes of the entire world on her, Kendra and her team unravel a series of interconnected threads which lead to a number of mysterious motives. Was it the tech mogul inventor of the train’s automation software? Was it a mysterious member of a Mexican drug cartel? Was it a disgruntled employee resisting new technology? Working in conjunction with the FBI, Kendra must race to uncover the truth behind the crash and help to heal the damage caused by the terrible tragedy.

Season three: In season three, Kendra and her team focus on the mysterious sinking of a sea ferry bound for Newfoundland, Canada

It’s a beautiful day in Boston when over 300 passengers board the Queen of the Narrows ferry destined for Newfoundland, Canada. A few hours into the journey an ‘explosion’ onboard throws passengers into a panic as the ferry takes on water with alarming speed and sinks in record time.

The investigation team, led by Kendra Malley and Dominic Hayes begin to unravel the many tangled threads of the investigation, all in search of one answer: why did the Queen of the Narrows suddenly sink to the bottom of the sea? Did the engine explode and blast a hole in the hull of the ship? Could a disgruntled ex-employee have sabotaged the ship to cause the explosion? The team must race to uncover the truth behind the disaster and help to heal the damage caused by the terrible tragedy.

S1: 6 x 45’; S2: 6 x 45’; S3 6 x 45’


  • Canada’s No 1 Drama
  • An edgy, fast-paced contemporary thriller that taps into global themes
  • Features an award-winning A-list cast
  • Licensed to territories including the US, UK, Australia, Germany, France, Spain, Sweden and Poland
  • Produced by Canadian powerhouse Shaftesbury (Murdoch Mysteries)

Written by Malcolm MacRury, Vincent Shiao
Directed by TJ Scott
Starring Archie Panjabi, Christopher Plummer, Kris Holden-Ried, Claire Forlani, Mark Rendall, Jason O’Mara
Produced by Shaftesbury in association with Corus Entertainment, Starlings Television and Red Arrow Studios International for Global (Canada)

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