An inspiring social experiment about the power of music to change the lives of kids

This uplifting and heart-warming series is a social experiment and important social impact campaign all rolled into one.

Students in a school in Perth, Australia are given musical instruments to learn; some take to them immediately, while others need more convincing. Music star and Australian Idol winner Guy Sebastian and music educator Dr. Anita Collins help encourage and inspire the kids over the months, workshopping songs one-on-one, and looking to draw out their hidden talent.

As their confidence grows, and as the school learns to embrace its new musical culture, disruptive behavior is tempered, truants return to the classroom, and new opportunities are forged for the kids.

This incredible journey culminates in a spectacular concert in front of an audience of families and friends – with Guy Sebastian and jazz legend James Morrison joining forces with the fledgling musicans on stage. Don’t Stop the Music reveals how music has the power to move us, inspire us and even transform lives.

“Feel-good TV at its best” – The Sunday Mail
“Touching and achingly beautiful” – The Herald Sun

Also available on tape: 3 x 57’

Formats // Reality

Based on a format developed by Fresh One Productions
Produced by Artemis Media for Australian Broadcasting Corporation (Australia) in association with Screen Australia, Screenwest and Lottery West

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