The new format which sees celebrities go from grabbing the headlines to chasing them

In this fun new factual entertainment format, two celebrities set off around the country in search of scoops, scandals and surprising stories as they explore the unique and often sensational world of local news. In each episode, they’ll spend a week in a different town or village and become reporters for the local newspaper. Their mission: find a story that’s big enough to make the front page.

With notebooks at the ready, the investigative duo set out to delve into local mysteries, take part in unusual events and cover the burning issues of the day. They may even enlist a celebrity or two to help them along the way. They’ll need to unearth news sources, follow leads, undertake interviews, charm residents, and rely on their quick wits and natural curiosity if they are to get to the heart of what makes each location tick. What could possibly go wrong?

At the end of the week, will they have the perfect front page story, or will they be scuppered by a bigger scoop?  

6 x 45’

Produced by CPL Productions for Sky Max and NOW (UK)

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