A captivating journey through the rich history of railways.

Since their invention, trains have changed the way we live. This captivating series takes us on a journey through the history of these marvelous machines: a voyage of discovery through every continent, each with its own unique stories to tell about ‘The Iron Horse’.

In Africa, we hear about the Cape-to-Cairo railway, an ambitious yet unfinished project started by the British Empire to establish control over the continent. In America, there were extraordinary feats of engineering and endurance to drive a railway over – and through – the Rocky Mountains. And in India, the colonial railway building program formed the basis of what is now the fourth largest railway network and eighth largest employer in the world, carrying more than 22 million passengers every day.

Charting the history of mankind itself, from revolution and war to extraordinary technological and scientific advances, this compelling series reveals the story of how trains have helped define our world.


  • Licensed to territories including Hong Kong, Sweden, India, Germany, Poland

Factual // History, 6 x 52’

Produced by Wild Bear Entertainment for Quest (UK)

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