A young Jewish woman navigates big issues in this hilarious comedy drama set in New Zealand, where more people identify as Jedi than Jewish

Lulu is a young Kiwi woman in her prime, but in the Jewish world she is careening towards ‘spinsterhood’. Now on the verge of 30, Lulu’s parent’s attempts at pushing her off the shelf into the arms of a Nice Jewish Boy leave her clinging on for dear life. But in a city like Auckland, at the far end of the diaspora, this isn’t so simple.

Added to that Lulu has just found out she’s pregnant to her on-again off-again very non-Jewish boyfriend, Ollie. She has to make some big calls and fast. As Lulu digs herself deeper and deeper into a ‘shituation’, she is forced to face the question she’s been avoiding her entire adult life: how can she do what she wants while also making everyone else happy? 

A hilarious and deeply personal coming of age comedy drama about the joys and troubles that arise when the old world meets the new.

S1: 5 x 30′; S2: 5 x 30′ (total episodes: 10 x 30′)


  • Quirky, warmhearted comedy drama from writer/creator Simone Nathan (Our Flag Means Death)
  • Ambitious female-centered, female-led production


  • “Comedy gold” – New Zealand Herald
  • “A confident, bold debut full of chutzpah” – Stuff
  • “We could do with more shows like Kid Sister” – The Spinoff

Starring Simone Nathan, Paul Williams, Jeff Szusterman, Amanda Billing, Peter Hayden, Joseph Nathan, Kira Josephson, Roxie Mohebbi, Ari Boyland
Directed by Aidee Walker
Written by Simone Nathan
Produced by Greenstone TV for TVNZ (New Zealand)

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