Discover what the future has in store for us in this astonishing new factual series

Is immortality achievable? Does the way we talk to animals on earth hold the key to communication with extra-terrestrial life? Will cybernetic implants make us more than human? And just how far will the colonization of other planets take us?

These are just some of the fascinating questions explored in the anthology factual series Life 2.0. Each high-end half-hour episode reveals some of most mind-blowing scientific breakthroughs occurring in the world today, and imagines the impact these discoveries could have on our world of tomorrow.

With startling insight, Life 2.0 takes a deep and thought-provoking dive into such topics as the future of human life extension, the rise of ‘cyborgism’, the transformative impact of virtual reality, and much, much more.

Factual, Science & Technology // 22 x 22′

Produced by Steve Rotfeld Productions for the Fox Network (US)

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