Couples turn back time to see if fading passions can be reignited by a new, younger flame in this ultimate test of whether the grass is better when it’s greener.

In this unique new relationship format meets social experiment, three middle-aged married couples, each at a crossroad attempt to inject some youthful energy back into their lives by swapping their spouses for partners 20 years younger.

In separate houses, the three husbands live with six beautiful young single women, while their wives share a house with six hot young single men. Romantic connections are explored with dates and activities highlighting their age differences. After love triangles develop over the course of the first week, a dramatic Pairing Ceremony takes place where six new mixed-age couples are formed…sending the six unselected singles home.

New lives intersect when the spouses have dramatic one-on-one meetings with their husband or wife’s new younger partner and family and friends visit to judge fledgling relationships. Following a series of tense double dates with the spouses and their younger partners, all six couples eventually move into one house. The spouses plan romantic dates – but who will they take?

After an emotionally charged month, a high-stakes, dramatic climax sees the married couples face the ultimate decision: recommit to their marriage – or part ways forever. Will the choice be mutual? And will anyone stay with their younger partner?



  • A new take on the relationship reality format from the creators of Love Is Blind
  • Packed with cliffhangers, connections, romance, and regrets – guaranteed to generate watercooler moments

Also available on tape: US: 8 x 45’ + 1 x 45′ special

Produced by Kinetic Content for Tplus (US)

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