Topical new social experiment series that explores what happens when a family’s dinner comes to stay.

How much do we really know about the animals we put on our plates? Why would we eat a lamb, but not a dog? This noisy new social experiment sees four meat-eating families welcome the animal they most frequently serve for dinner into their homes: from chicken and sheep, to pigs and even cows!

They treat the new arrival like a beloved pet – taking it for walks and playing with it – in a bid to understand its intellectual and emotional capacity, and to see if living with it makes it less palatable to eat!

During the experiment, the families travel around their own country and abroad to learn about animal welfare, farming and production, food processing, and the impact eating animals has on the environment and our health.

At the end of three weeks, they are forced to make one of the toughest decisions of their lives: go vegetarian forever and send the animal to a sanctuary, or remain meat eaters and kill their new best friend.


  • A life-changing, emotional experiment
  • An accessible overview of topical debates around eating meat and animal welfare, supported by the latest scientific findings
  • Produced by award-winning UK producer Spun Gold TV
  • Based on a format created by Rise Films

Formats // Reality
Produced by Spun Gold TV for Channel 4 (UK)

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