Saying farewell can be difficult. Especially when they never really leave .

At the heart of this bittersweet drama with touches of comedy is the May family. Well, most of it. Mom Elli recently died, and not wanting to abandon her family – or be forgotten – she recorded a huge number of video messages leaving practical tips and helpful advice for husband Tobias and their three children, Lennart, Lisa and Leon.

However, while these videos from beyond the grave do provide some comfort, it turns out that living with a dead person who still happens to be present digitally and interferes with everyday life can cause absolute chaos. 

With troubled teenagers, a pushy mother-in-law, and a five-year-old intent on visiting his mother in heaven, Tobias turns for solace to Katrin, Elli’s best friend, and Nadja, a girl on a sex hotline to which he inadvertently subscribed! When he finds out that Elli was having an affair – and Lennart and Katrin knew – his world crumbles further. Will he find the missing tape from Elli, explaining her secret, and can he get his family back on track? 

8 x 45′

Directed by Felix Binder, Suki Maria Roessel
Written by Sabine Leipert, Suki Maria Roessel, Claudia Leins
Starring Golo Euler, Jessica Ginkel, Claudia Rieschel, Helmut Zierl, Marlene Morreis, Julia Goldberg, Luke Matt Rontgen, Mathilda Smidt, Matteo Hilterscheid, Tim Oliver Schulz
Produced by Pyjama Pictures for SAT.1 (Germany)

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