Sign Blind. Change your life.

In this radical new reality format, a group of participants who are bored or burnt out at work sign up for a career change by quitting their jobs and committing to spending six months trying a new role – without even knowing what it is!

Their skills, aptitudes and work/life aspirations are assessed by leading career experts who help find them surprising new jobs. When a good-fit role is identified, each candidate is given a contract. However, only basic details such as salary and location are visible; will they take a leap of faith and sign it blind? If they do, they must first resign from their current jobs and prepare to take a step into the unknown! On their first day, each participant is picked up and taken to their new place of work, where their new profession is revealed for the first time. What will they be doing? Will a lawyer be faced with retraining to be a shepherd, or a sales executive as an undertaker?

Over the following months, we visit the candidates to see how they are enjoying their new jobs – and their new lives – while VTs capture the thoughts of their family and friends. Then, after three months it’s decision time – will they stay in their new roles, or will the search for the right job continue?



  • An innovative new social experiment that captures the zeitgeist

Produced by Stepping Stone Productions for NPO3 (The Netherlands)

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