A gripping anthology drama series about individuals who are sent back to the past to alter their futures, with unforeseen consequences.

If you could go back in time and change the course of events for a more favourable outcome, would you choose to do so? And what would the consequences be?

Each season of this intimate psychological drama follows the story of an individual who employs the services of mysterious agency, Plan B, that has the power to return them to the past and potentially alter the future.

Philippe, who’s battling to save his relationship and business; Florence, who is desperate to save her daughter’s life; and Mylene, a police officer on a mission to avert a family crisis. But each time-travelling journey comes with unexpected outcomes and even the smallest choices have repercussions, as uncontrollable as they are unexpected. Would you be willing to risk a Plan B? 

Season one: With the help of Plan B, Philippe time travels to save his relationship, business, and family, but soon learns that he cannot erase painful memories. On a desperate and relentless quest to make his small world perfect, he also realises nothing is without consequences and that he is his own worst enemy. 

Season two: Career-focused Florence, the host of the top morning show in Montreal, is distraught when her 15-year-old daughter is found dead. Can time-travelling agency Plan B help her make better choices as a mother, erase her guilt, and save her daughter? And how far will she go to keep her children happy?

Season three: Police officer Mylene is struggling in her personal life and feeling powerless against the injustices she sees in her professional life. When a routine intervention involving a family in crisis turns everything upside down, she turns to Plan B. By trying to change a family’s destiny, will she discover her own? 

S1: 6 x 60′ ; S2: 6 x 60 ; S3: 6 x 60′


  • A huge success with audiences and critics across three seasons in French Canada; season four is in production
  • Hit international format with successful remakes in France (TF1) and Flemish-speaking Belgium (Streamz)

Directed by Jean-François Asselin
Written by Jacques Drolet and Jean-François Asselin
Produced by KOTV for SériesPlus and ICI Radio-Canada (Canada)

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