How redesigning your home can transform your life.

This ground-breaking new format mixes smart technology, design and engaging stories to create a home makeover show that not only transforms homes, but the way they are used.

In each episode, an expert host – in the UK version, property developer Sarah Beeny – comes to the aid of homeowners living in a property that no longer works for them. From newlyweds and new parents, to people who work from home, the expert shows how a little design know-how can improve their lifestyle, save them money and prevent them having to move home.

Special cameras are installed to monitor how people really use their home and the data collected helps create a life-size floor plan that highlights problem areas and brings the expert’s design, layout and décor ideas to life.

The host then tracks the renovation over the following months, and a final reveal of the completed project proves that, if you rethink and redesign the space you have, it is better – and cheaper – to renovate, not relocate!


  • Smart technology and life-sized floor plans make for a TV makeover first
  • Packed with stunning visuals and transformation tips
  • Series One in the UK beat its benchmark share by 20%
  • Season Two is already commissioned

Formats // Reality

Produced by Outline Productions for UKTV (UK)

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