Based on the award-winning board game, Smart10 is an addictively simple quiz show format with huge play-along appeal 

In each episode, hosted by a cheekily fun presenter, two pairs of friends, partners or relatives compete against each other to answer questions on a giant dial and bank cash. 

Every round contains one general knowledge question – and 10 options. Playing with smarts, strategy and audacity, the teams take turns to answer as many as possible.  

For every correct option chosen the team wins cash, but if they get it wrong, their earnings for that round are lost. Their opponents can then continue playing until they fail, opt out – or complete the round. Multiple quickfire bonus rounds can add to the tension as teams play against the clock for double prize money. 

The team that has collected the most cash after the final round wins the episode and tops up their prize pot. The winning team lives to play another day – or even many days – with the chance to supercharge their prize fund by competing against a new team in the next episode of this fast-paced and fun quiz.



  • Based on successful and recognisable IP: the Smart10 boardgame is available in 25+ territories worldwide – and growing
  • A scalable and hugely versatile TV format with numerous spinoff opportunities
  • Efficient and cost-effective to deliver
  • A breakout hit for ORF 1 in Austria, now commissioned through to 2025

Produced by TV Friends for ORF 1 (Austria)

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