Couples matched by experts are stranded on a deserted island. Isolated and pitted against the forces of nature, will true love blossom – and survive?

In this bold and original new adventure dating format, four couples are matched by experts. Immediately after committing themselves to each other in an intimate ceremony, they are dramatically abandoned on their own deserted tropical islands for the adventure of a lifetime.

On these remote beaches, fledgling relationships are soon put to the test as the couples live together and fend for themselves with few resources. Marooned and alone, they must communicate and collaborate to get by, with nowhere to run when the going gets tough. Will an escape from modern life bring them closer together or push them apart? Will it lead to love or loathing?

In each episode crates wash ashore containing tools crucial to their survival, personal greetings from home, or even a little luxury to sweeten their day. After two weeks the couples are separated and return to civilization, where they must make a life-changing decision. Will they renew their commitment and stay together, or will they go their separate ways?



  • From the creators of the world’s No 1 relationship format Married at First Sight
  • A new hybrid social experiment that provides a rich combination of relationship and reality genres in a survival setting
  • High production values, in a beautiful and exotic, tropical setting
  • Easily adaptable and scalable format
  • Energetic, fun and emotionally charged format that will attract a younger audience

Produced by PIT for VTM2

Created by Snowman Productions

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