One holiday house. Eight very different love stories.

Funny, moving and uplifting, Summer Love is an enchanting anthology series in which eight very different sets of people rent the same beachside holiday house and experience some incarnation of love. From the two couples who discover their friendship has reached its expiry date, and the gay couple who confront societal expectations versus what they really want, to the sisters who take time out to recharge but somehow manage to bring the chaos of their lives with them, the drama travels across gender, class and culture to deliver eight fresh, authentic and relatable stories.

With the house acting as the pivotal setting, Summer Love combines the feelings of hope, possibility, and escapism with the dreamy enchantment of the beach and the clumsy reality of people on holiday – from romance and family squabbles to sunburn and sand in the sheets.

Created by the award-winning comedy writers Robyn Butler and Wayne Hope (Upper Middle Bogan, Little Lunch), this charming series weaves warmth, humor and romance throughout each separate love story – whether it’s a love to be discovered, recovered, or let go.

8 x 30′


  • Glossy romantic comedy drama in an idyllic, aspirational setting
  • Showcases diverse voice and stories and tackles contemporary social issues with warmth and humor
  • From award-winning writers Robyn Butler and Wayne Hope (Upper Middle Bogan, Little Lunch)


  • “★★★★ The quality drama Australian TV needs.” – Screenhub
  • “Hilarious… excellent… too, too perfect.” – The West Australian
  • “Hits all the right notes” – The Australian
  • ★★★★ “Brilliant… exceptional cast” – The Sunday Age
  • “…Addictively watchable new comedy series… Absolutely adored this.” – The West Australian
  • “Brilliant… exceptional cast.” – The Sunday Age
  • “Impressive Australian cast.” – The Age
  • “This show makes you feel seen…a phenomenal series.” – TV RELOAD
  • “One of the country’s most impressive creative teams” – Sydney Morning Herald
  • “Hits all the right notes” – The Australian

Directed by Kodie Bedford, Robyn Butler, Nina Buxton and Wayne Hope
Written by Kodie Bedford, Alison Bell, Patrick Brammall, Robyn Butler, James Colley, Harriet Dyer, Wayne Hope, Nazeem Hussain, Jayden Masciulli, Kate Mulvaney, Bjorn Stewart, Miranda Tapsell, Nath Valvo
Produced by Gristmill in association with Kinetic Content for ABC (Australia)

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