Discover what it takes to survive the dangerous world Down Under

Sixty thousand kilometres of coastline. Sun all year round. A natural beauty that is as unique as it is unrivalled. Australia has so much to offer. Unfortunately, a lot of it’s deadly.

Surviving Australia explores the many dangers that the ‘Land Down Under’ can throw at you – and shows you just what it takes to survive them, both physically and psychologically! From death-rolls to drought, bushfires to brown snakes, floods to funnel webs, stingers to sharks – if Australia’s extreme climate doesn’t kill you, its deadly wildlife just might!

In this four-part series, survivors recount how they narrowly escaped death, while experts separate fact from fiction to offer the best survival tactics when facing life-threatening scenarios. Every episode features dramatic archival footage of some of Australia’s most dangerous situations, bringing to life the terrifying tales of those who found themselves caught up in them.

Factual / Travel & Adventure

4 x 60′

Produced by Wildbear Entertainment for Nine (Australia)

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