The extraordinary true story of a tragic murder that continues to haunt France.

On 16 October 1984, the body of four-year-old Grégory Villemin was dragged from the Vologne River, his wrists and ankles bound in the manner of a barbaric, pagan sacrifice. The next day, an anonymous poison-pen letter sent to the boy’s parents claimed responsibility for the murder. The writer of that letter would become known as ‘The Crow’.

This is the beginning of the most infamous cold case in French history. Over the next 35 years, ‘L’Affaire Grégory’ would do more than simply grab the public’s attention; it would become an obsession for many involved. As the investigation continued to twist and turn with startling revelations, the Vologne curse would not just claim the life of young Grégory Villemin, but three more people.

This absorbing four-part documentary is about an evil that cannot be found; a remote community riven with resentment; and a family torn apart by grief, suspicion and hatred.


  • A compelling addition to the popular true crime documentary genre
  • A dramatic, premium event documentary told in a distinctive, narrative style

Factual // Crime & Investigation, 4 x 45’

Produced by Elephant Group for France 3

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