The hidden stories of a devastating war are finally told in this powerful documentary series.

It was the deadliest, most destructive conflict in human history, and one whose devastating impact on the planet would be felt long after the last bullet was fired. Even today, there is still so much about the Second World War that remains in the shadows – either buried by the victors, or lost amidst the fog of war. Until now.

From Dunkirk and D-Day, to the Battle of Britain and the Blitz, The Secret History of World War II uncovers the hidden stories behind key moments in the conflict. Filmed in the US, UK and France, this insightful series digs below the headlines for a fresh and fascinating perspective on this extraordinary time in history.


  • Blends archive footage with expert interviews, first-hand accounts and dramatic reconstructions

Factual, History // 6 x 45′

Produced by Woodcut Media for Histoire (France) and Channel 5 (UK)

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