It’s go high or go home in this new physical primetime gameshow that rewards those with a steady hand.

Displaying dexterity, ingenuity, and sheer determination, teams of two battle against the clock, over eight rounds, to stack a range of everyday items and win a huge cash prize.

As the cash increases with each round, so does the difficulty – and craziness – of the challenge. Teams could be asked to successfully stack confetti, ice cream scoops in a cone or watering cans, all within a set time; and to make the task even harder they may need to attempt the stacking using tweezers or on a running machine.

Every team has two ‘Time Jokers’ to play, adding a minute to any particularly daunting stack and the host can add to the prize pot by challenging duos to add another item to the stack or complete the challenge in less time.

There are no second chances in this tense test of steady hands: every fail sees a pair leave and a new one start. And to take home any money, each teams must reach round five.

A highly visual and inventive format destined to keep viewers on the edge of their seats.


Produced by Redseven Entertainment for ProSieben (Germany)

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