The new TV series from The New York Times.

The Weekly is a landmark new series from The New York Times, bringing the newspaper’s unparalleled journalism and insight to the TV screen.

1,550 journalists. 160 countries. 2,500 stories a week. Each half-hour episode focuses on one of those stories, and a New York Times reporter brings it to life, providing in-depth reporting that will completely change how you see a story.

From investigative journalism to political scoops, to reports from the front line and stories that literally change our culture, The Weekly goes beyond US and international news to find the big, signature stories that nobody else is telling, and to reveal the workings of one of the world’s great news organizations.

In a time of intense debate about the role of a free press, The Weekly is an exceptional new series that provides a unique insight into how the news is reported.

Factual // 30 x 27’

Produced by The New York Times & Left/Right for FX and Hulu (US)

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