The big-hearted and hilarious game of sibling rivalry that requires very specific, not general, knowledge!

In this hosted format, a celebrity sibling duo takes on another famous family pair to see who can claim to be the better siblings – Us or Them!

Over five-six rounds, the siblings play against each other in a fun mix of knowledge and skills games, earning points and collecting random jokers to provide them with an advantage, or make it harder for the other team, in the final.

Journeying through the siblings’ lives, they are tested on how much they know about each other; eg who was the youngest when they had their first kiss? Who do family members think is the smartest?

In the final, featuring three new rounds, the jokers are played – with their relevance finally revealed: eg glue would help a build challenge, while blindfolds would be a serious hinderance.

The siblings with the most points win the Us or Them trophy, but both will have preserved their family honour (hopefully!) and shared more fun and fascinating facts about their lives than interviews and other TV shows ever could.



  • Warm, engaging and full of humorous anecdotes, Us Against Them is entertaining TV that shines a different light on celebrities and never fails to reveal new stories about their lives
  • Gives a contemporary and energised twist to the popular, long-running Mr & Mrs format, this time with two famous family members spilling secrets and sharing memories through questions and games
  • The scoring mechanism keeps audiences guessing who will win right to the very end

Produced by Prime Productions for ProSieben (Germany)

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