Love is a battlefield!

This irreverent, wry, and witty dramedy set in Australia during World War II, views the experience through the eyes of women left behind on the home front…who suddenly find themselves running the show after being excluded from power. During these unsettling yet exciting times, Frankie is forced to step up and take charge of her struggling farm when her husband is sent to war (or was he?). She enlists Gwen and Ester, two freshly joined city-recruits of the Women’s Land Army to join herself, local indigenous farmhand Kathleen, and certified coward Robert.

Set against the dark and tragic backdrop of war, yet always with humour, a knowing wink and humanity at its heart, these five individuals find themselves, and each other, undergoing a heady crash course in race relations, rural politics, spirituality, sex, queerness, personal growth – and farming. For a glorious moment in time, they sample a life tinged with promise, hope and acceptance. And once they taste it, it’s impossible to go back.

8 x 30′


  • Fun and feisty revisionist period dramedy
  • Premium drama that pushes the boundaries with its tongue firmly in its cheek
  • Strong and diverse cast of international up-and-coming talent

Starring Michela De Rossi, Phoebe Grainer, Max McKenna, Jana Zvedeniuk, Matt Testro, Benedict Hardie, Shaka Cook

Written by Kim Wilson (eps 1, 2, 7, 8), Magda Wozniak (ep 3), Enoch Mailangi (ep 4), Monica Zanetti (ep 5), Sam Icklow (ep 6)

Directed by Elissa Down and Monica Zanetti

Produced by Arcadia

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